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Golden Threads Co Ltd started in the garment making products. We have specialized our production in multi-products such as

(i) Corporate uniforms for local market (blouse, vest, trousers, skirts) and

(ii) Niche market in shirts for instance rugby fancy shirts, Short Cargo for French brand ‘Jus de Chaussette’, 100% linen shirts, Swim short and other brands.

We are now keeping our niche market and are diversifying our range of products towards high quality handmade bags with natural fibers.

Tel No: 52547958

Address: Petit Village, St Antoine

E-mail: goldentwins@intnet.mu

Contact Person: Mr. Clifford DUVAL

Brand Name:
Couleurs Soleil

Products Manufactured: Linen garments (shirts, ladies blouse, dresses); Corporate Uniforms; Handmade bags from natural fibre

Range of Years in Operation: 10 years

No of Employees: 20

Main Export Markets & Customers: La Reunion, UK and France

Customers: Hotels, small brands, Boutique
 Target Buyers for Australia: Importers, retailers, outlets

Products on Exhibit in Australia: Linen Garments: Ladieswear and Menwear: Shirts, Dresses, Trousers, Blouses; Handmade bags made from natural fibre

Monthly Production Capacity: 1500- 2000 pieces garments and 500 to 1000 bags

Minimum order quantity: 50-100



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