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Cashmere & Cashmere Co. Ltd.

Established in 1997, The Cashmere & Cashmere Co. Ltd. has enjoyed steady growth both in sales and production. The management team has over 23 years’ worth of cashmere knitwear experience. The company has its own team of fashion designers and effective ambassadors to operate the Stoll machinery. The Company Cashmere & Cashmere Co Ltd consists of two 2500 sq. ft. shops and a factory. It produces high quality products in small quantity in order to provide its customers unique cashmere products. Cashmere & Cashmere Co. Ltd has the latest technology regarding production of cashmere products, which consists of four (4) Stoll machines with both high production capacity and quality products. As there are many different grades of cashmere and also many different manufacturing techniques that directly affect the quality and longevity of a cashmere sweater, raw materials used in the production of their Cashmere products originate from India and China of the make Loro Piana, which is renowned for its best quality and durability.

Contact details

Tel No: +230 4305200

Address: 1st Floor, Ex Sonia Wear Building, Industrial Zone NL4, Valentina Road, Phoenix, Mauritius

E-mail: groupkne@gmail.com

Contact Person: Mr. Kannan Kolanthan

Brand Name: Cashmere & Cashmere

Products Manufactured: Cashmere

Range of Years in Operation: 19

No of Employees: 9

Target Buyers for Australia : Retailers / Wholesalers / Franchises

Products on Exhibit in Australia: Cashmere Clothing

Monthly Production Capacity: 5000 pcs

Minimum order quantity: 500 Pcs

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